Limited edition leather bags made for gamers by gamers.

Anyone can carry thier gear in a random tote. But a true legend arrives in style. Legendary Bag Company bags have the quality, style, and character that lets everyone at the table know who's a legend and who isn't.



The Alpha is the leader of the pack. This beast of a bag is big and tough and puts all other gaming totes to shame.

The first of it's kind and the only bag with a special outer pocket designed to hold and protect your playmat. Made from genuine leather with room for all of your deck boxes, game boxes, rule books, or anything else that you need to have a legendary gaming experience!

  • Dice Bags

    These stylish 6.5 inch x 8.5 inch dice bags Feature a soft microfiber inner and outer layer, quality stitching, and a durable drawstring with toggle.

    These will be the last dice bags you ever need.

  • The Dice Bag of Endless Sunrises has the quality and style that only a Sir Goochie bag posseses. Legend says that any of Sir Goochie's Endless Sunrise bags grant the owner with endless sunrises of thier own. Hmm, immortality?

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  • One of Sir Goochie's original designs, this bag is the pinnicle of quality and style. Sir Goochie himself still uses this bag today.

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