About Us

Carry the Fantasy. Become Legendary.

Founded in 2022, Legendary Bag Company is the first and only proprietor of finely crafted leather bags designed especially for gamers.  Driven by our desires to create a more immersive, inclusive, and accessible gaming experience for players of games such as Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon, Dungeons & Dragons, and other table games, we carefully engineered premium leather gaming bags that allow players to walk up to any table, draw their playmat, and get ready for battle.


The Story Begins…

Deep in a dark-lit room sat a group of friends, lost in thought. Lovers of tabletop games, they found most of their fleeting moments spent dreaming of quests, building decks, and adventuring into planes to do battle. While imaginary to some, the worlds these friends created or explored were all too real to them. However, while they loved the personal connection and unbridled imagination that came with gaming, something darker loomed.

These precious portals to other worlds that they loved so fiercely were often stored in plain cardboard boxes. Beyond that, the challenges of traveling with these games made it almost impossible for them to stay in the fantasy and truly immerse themselves in the experience. With wasted time and energy spent digging through bags, attempting to find pieces, and setting up the table, most of the thrill and excitement of these moments were lost.

The Vision Appears...

Staring out into the night, a vision! A bag that eliminated the lost time, the frustration, and the inconvenience of traveling with a tabletop game. A bag specifically made to drive gameplay, organize all components, and protect the game from dice to cards. A bag so well-crafted and designed that it would change the way gamers played forever.

Our Heroes are Called to the Mission

The friends knew what they had to do. They had to create the perfect tabletop gaming bag, one that would be the envy of all gamers. A bag that would make packing up and traveling with a game as easy as a walk in the park. With this newfound purpose, our heroes set out on their quest. They gathered the finest materials, the strongest zippers, and the most durable leather. They spent hours upon hours crafting and designing, ensuring every detail was right. Finally, after months of hard work, their creation was complete.

The Quest Begins

The first step on their journey was finding a name befitting such an epic bag. After much deliberation, the friends chose Legendary Bag Company - the perfect name for a company that would create bags so exceptional that they would become the stuff of legend. Next, they had to get their product in front of gamers. At long last, after spending sleepless nights researching conventions, planning marketing strategies, and getting their bags ready for their debut, the day arrived, and they set off to wow the gaming world.

The Battle is Won

The response was better than they could have ever hoped for. Gamers loved their bags, from the premium leather to the thoughtful additions that made gameplay more enjoyable and efficient. They were blown away by the quality, the durability, and the immense attention to detail. Their gaming bags were changing how people played tabletop games, and our heroes’ quest had come to an end...

...or had it?

The Torch is Passed

While this chapter in their story might be coming to a close, there are still many more tabletop gaming adventures to be had. That's why they are passing the torch on to you. Now it's your turn to take up the quest and create your own Legendary gaming experience. What will you do with your new bag? The possibilities are endless. So go forth, explore, and most importantly, have fun!


Your tabletop gaming bag is waiting. Pick your style and get started on your next adventure today. Visit us at legendarybag.com.


Happy gaming!

-The Legendary Bag Team-